Paolo Pinna Interview

Paolo Pinna Interview

The Best Things I’ve discovered about PRAI!

Each month we’ll be talking to one of the PRAI team to find out more about what it’s like working for PRAI and their best beauty tips and advice.

First up is the gorgeous Paolo Pinna from Italy who is a celebrity in his own right! Paolo is our QVC Italy & France presenter. Here’s what he has to say about PRAI!

Paola Pinna

What do you love about your job?

I love to help women find a way to feel and look better!

What is your favourite PRAI product?

I'm totally in love with all the Oxygen Infusion products,!! In Europe Oxygen treatments are hugely on trend right now. Celebrities like Madonna praise the likes of Oxygen treatment in giving skin a youthful glow! In a high end retailer you may spent 200 $ for one treatment, with PRAI you have 4 months treatment for 30 $! And it’s just as good if not better.

How would you describe PRAI in 3 words?

Luxury, Instant, #foreveryoung

What is it like to present on QVC?

I feel like I was born to do it! A big smile goes a long way when promoting and explaining about the products live on air. PRAI is about real women, real ageing and real results and I want this to come across when presenting. Being beautiful isn’t about Barbie doll looks or being young forever – it’s about looking the best version of ourselves. This is what I try to demonstrate on QVC. I want to show women how simple this can be from the very first application.

What is your best beauty tip?

My best beauty secret that I recommend to all women is not to massage the products deeply into the skin - instead apply them by pressure with fingers in the air application. This will give your skin a more youthful glow.

How do you stay in shape?

As I get close to 50, I try to keep looking good by drinking plenty of water and being careful to eat a varied diet…… but mostly I try to celebrate the joy of living every day... ❤ 

What would you like to see PRAI launch next?!

Platinum lifting effect for eyebrows and 24K gold extension effect for lashes!!!!